What has always been our passion and dedication; creating handmade shoes for our clientele, using the absolute finest materials, which through the skilled fingers and many years of experience of our master artisans become true works of art to wear on your feet.
All of our shoemaking processes respect the motto “made like they used to be”; unique items, unmistakable and respectful of the tastes of each client.
The artisan has always been an ingenious interpreter of the demands of everyone, combining a wide range of diverse materials with experience, taste and love, creating something that is inimitable and that enhances and

makes the most of each person’s character.

This is also the “character” and the strength of Maestria footwear, a company that relies on the “best artisans in the Italian footwear business” to offer out clientele the possibility of wearing exceptional shoes at prices that are accessible to everyone.

The art of “creating” a shoe is our specialty; and for those seeking Italian taste, style and skill for interpreting dreams and transforming these into reality, we offer the possibility of owning a shoe that truly feels like it has its own soul.